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How Can I Fix an AOL Error Code 400?

AOL is the platform which provides multiple services all over the world. AOL offers both types of services free & paid. In free service, user can access limited features of AOL mail, and in paid service, user can access all advanced features of AOL Mail. For detailed information, click here.

What is AOL Error Code 400 & How to fix it?

AOL Error Code 400 is an HTTP error code. It comes while we install a software program on the computer. In other words, AOL Error Code 400 is Bad request or Invalid URL; it is an HTTP error code.

The cause behind AOL Error Code 400

This error triggers when a user requests to load a website or a bed URL, the request will be sent to the server, but due to the multiple requests hit on the server at the same time, the server overloaded, and the request rejects by the server.

Note:- Mostly AOL Error Code 400 is come due to request a wrong URL in the web browser.

Other reason for AOL Error Code 400

  • AIM(AOL Instant Messenger is not installed correctly)

  • Windows registry error.

  • Attack by the virus on AIM program files and destroy some necessary files which help to run a software.

These are the common problems behind the AOL Error Code 400. This error can be fixed by itself easily by the given troubleshooting tips. If you are a non-technical person and you don’t know how to follow the given steps to fix AOL 400 Error. In this case, you can connect with the AOL Email Support team to get rid of your problem.

Troubleshooting Tips for AOL Error Code 400

  1. Check your request URL first, if it is not correct contact to AOL Team.

  2. Uninstall AIM application and Install it again.

  3. Check AOL Windows registry files and repair it.

  4. Scan your computer with antivirus software and restart it again.

  5. Delete all junk files from your computer such as “temp files”, “prefetch” by using disk clean up tools.

  6. Update your computer driver once.

  7. Run a command to check missing or corrupt files like SFC(System File Checker)

Other Method:-

  • If you get a bad URL request message, contact to AOL Technical Support team.

  • Visit the website by click here & connect with the AOL technician to resolve your problem.

If in case, you are unable to connect with the AOL team, go to the AOL Login page and sign in your AOL account by AOL Sign In and click on the support tab and connect with the AOL Support representative.

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